The Covid-19 Omicron variant proved to be the light at the end of the tunnel
Public figures spoke of the Covid-19 vaccine as a light at the end of the tunnel, a ray of hope. But was it really a savior? I agree that it temporarily saved us; it was the only, albeit temporary, means of escape from nature's punishment for not following its laws. In my view, one should not worry too much about the side effects caused by the vaccine, or any medication, as long as one lives in harmony with nature. What is unclear to me is what will happen next if the environment favorable to viruses, bacteria, and fungi remains, but the resources of the immune system continue to deplete and are already on the brink of exhaustion. The number of possible scenarios is hard to comprehend. The twists could be most unexpected, including autoimmune processes when the immune system starts destroying the cells of its own organism. I sincerely hope that my concerns turn out to be unfounded and that the oncoming train's headlight turns out to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps this light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be the new Covid-19 Omicron variant, which was not as lethal as Delta but much more contagious. It turned out that the antibodies obtained with vaccines were powerless against Omicron. Introducing masks and QR codes did not help. This should be a cause for celebration because it is a natural mechanism described in virology textbooks on how an epidemic can disappear when one virus variant displaces another more toxic variant. The less toxic one, which the body can more easily overcome, remains, creating natural collective immunity and the pandemic fades.


What is important to know about immunity and vaccines?
If a person naturally overcomes an infection or receives a live vaccine, meaning a weakened pathogen in the form of a virus or bacteria, the immune system memorizes the encounter with this antigen, and information about it is stored in T-cell memory. As a result, immunity to the respective antigen and all its proteins is very long-lasting, effective even against variants of this pathogen, so in case of the virus's re-invasion, it is immediately recognized and reported to the immune system to ensure an effective response from an early stage.

Humoral immunity B-cells protect against extracellular pathogens by producing antibodies that prevent viruses from binding to cell surface proteins. Cell-mediated immunity involves T-cells identifying and destroying infected cells. After the infection ends, the number of T-cells decreases but remains for some time. Therefore, when the organism encounters the pathogen again, the cleansing process occurs faster.

To create effective adaptive or specific immunity, vaccines must activate innate immunity. Looking back at the recent past, live, weakened viruses were used against poliomyelitis, measles, mumps. Immunity developed for 25 years or even longer, and against poliomyelitis, for the entire lifetime of a person. Live vaccines, entering the lymph vessels and draining lymph nodes, simulate the natural infection process, but inactivated vaccines, compared to live ones, activate the immune response differently. Therefore, they should not be used simultaneously because the reaction can be unpredictable.

All immunomodulators cannot be used on a large scale because their use depends on the individual characteristics of the macroorganism (human or animal). For example, stress as an immunomodulator increases resistance to strong effects but decreases it against weak ones. Therefore, in widespread use of immunomodulators and vaccines, resistant people with developed reserve capabilities may become more sensitive to all pathological influences due to the possibility of cross-resistance formation.

Do not confuse mRNA (influenza, Covid-19) and DNA (measles, poliomyelitis) type vaccines. There is a huge difference between them. Unfortunately, it is impossible to overcome mRNA type viruses with vaccines alone, ignoring prophylaxis. One can only temporarily avoid getting sick or ease the course of the disease, but this is quite relative and does not mean that comorbidities will disappear and not return later with very unpleasant manifestations. No vaccine can provide better immunity than natural immunity gained through overcoming the disease. People do not die from Covid-19, but from comorbidities exacerbated by the virus. The severity of the disease depends on the overall health status and comorbidities. Therefore, after recovering from Covid-19, it is absolutely and mandatorily necessary to undergo a general body detoxification program to avoid complications, possibly very unpleasant ones.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Persian scientist Avicenna said that panic is half of the disease, but maintaining peace is half of the recovery. Therefore, it is not surprising that a person, entering a medical facility, is already in a state of panic, meaning that the immunity, when encountering hospital infections, weakens, even though disinfection measures are regularly carried out. The medications used inevitably do their part - suppress immunity, resulting in a drastic weakening of the immune system for many people, making the exacerbation of chronic diseases inevitable.

It must be understood that full-fledged immunity formation is associated with a healthy lifestyle, especially proper nutrition, that is, the kind of diet nature intended for humans, as well as reducing stress. This is particularly important for seniors, as vaccination in venerable age is less effective. Immunosenescence occurs, thus the introduction of antigens or any stimulation of the immune response will be less effective, making it especially important at this age not to provoke illness with lifestyle.


It's high time to start taking care of the immune system!
It must be understood and accepted that returning to the previous rhythm of life will not be possible until people fundamentally change their lifestyle, as the degradation of the surrounding environment and people's immune systems has unfortunately progressed so far that it is no longer possible in the near future, and this is difficult for society to realize. Vaccines in this situation are only a temporary patch, not a fundamental solution to the problem because, even if it is possible to overcome this virus, other viruses will certainly come because the causes are not being eradicated. It would be convenient and wonderful - get vaccinated, and the problem is gone. Changing lifestyle is much harder; it requires tremendous willpower and knowledge, which even doctors do not have enough of, let alone ordinary people. Unfortunately, the need for lifestyle changes is hardly ever discussed.

It is estimated that there are more than 200 respiratory viruses, not to mention others, the number of which is in the thousands. To successfully combat them, we must understand the message nature wants to convey with the consequences they cause. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi are tools created by nature to maintain biological diversity, as nature loves and tries to preserve every plant and animal species, contrary to what humans have been doing lately by interfering in complex natural mechanisms. If a species of animal or plant reproduces excessively, disrupting the natural balance (synergy), it results in a deficit of nutrients suitable for this species. As a result, the cells of these plants or animals become weaker and unable to resist viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Natural selection occurs, and the strongest individuals survive. If humans interfere with this mechanism through genetic modification, making radical changes to genetic information or if it happens accidentally, for example, due to the influence of toxic substances, then another natural mechanism comes into play. To preserve the unaltered species and prevent genetic chaos, nature prohibits the species with modified genes from reproducing. Therefore, there is a possibility that this natural mechanism may also affect those who actively consume genetically modified products in their diet.

The virus signals to us that we are doing something wrong in nature. In parables, if a red light comes on the dashboard of a car and the driver is of sound mind, most likely, they will stop and try to find out the reason, rather than unscrewing the light or covering it with tape, so to speak, to not disturb the "usual rhythm of life." Unfortunately, this example shows analogies with vaccination, which is talked about to the point of exhaustion. The illusion is created that vaccines will solve everything and allow the continuation of the usual rhythm of life. However, it is already clear that this will not be the case. New virus variants are emerging worldwide. No one really knows how effective the previously developed vaccines will be against increasingly new virus variants. What will happen to the already weakened immune system of the population? Wouldn't it be time to start taking care of the immune system, realizing that only the immune system is the only thing that can destroy viruses? In this regard, many useful tips can be found on the "Ekomedicine" website.


My experience
I will share my experience. A close person of mine, who is a proponent of a healthy lifestyle, suffered an injury, ended up in the hospital, and, by unfortunate coincidence, spent a long time with a Covid-19 patient. This happened at the beginning of 2021. In the next hospital, where the surgery was performed, the situation was exactly the same, being in a closed room with a Covid-19 infected person. However, everything ended happily, and upon discharge from the hospital, repeated tests showed no infection had occurred.

I myself had to go through Covid-19 in the spring of 2022. Before that, I had not been vaccinated even once with anything. One day, I felt a kind of depression, especially towards the evening, although my head did not hurt and I did not feel a temperature increase, only my appetite decreased slightly. The next morning everything was back to normal, but occasionally I coughed, which seemed unusual since I had not encountered coughing for many years. That was all.

To be fair, I must admit that before that, I had recently undergone another detoxification program related to fasting (see the "Detoxification" section). For prophylaxis, I periodically additionally took vitamin D3 and zinc.


Why is there absolutely no talk about prophylaxis?
In the context of this experience, I would like to ask the responsible state officials why there is almost no talk about prophylaxis? The state is losing people who could still live and live well. Is it really so hard to understand the elementary laws of nature, which I remind of to the point of exhaustion on this website? If a person's body chronically lacks essential minerals and the detoxification system is overloaded, toxins and waste products continue to accumulate, there can be no other way, the cleansing process begins, which is called diseases. Not even the best vaccines can cleanse the body and provide the necessary minerals. Can't this be understood? Why? That is the biggest mystery to me.


What conclusions should be drawn about Covid-19
Immunity decides everything. Restrictions partially protected potential patients and the medical care system from overload, otherwise, it would have been a disaster if a large number of people got sick at the same time. Covid-19 vaccines managed to temporarily save risk groups, especially those with diabetes, but I do not think it was necessary to vaccinate people who take care of themselves and lead a healthy lifestyle. As the experience of people I know shows, infection does not occur, even when being in close contact with a Covid-19 patient for a long time, and even if infected, the disease proceeds in a very mild form.

I am not surprised by the situation in Italy and the USA. For example, Italy ranks first in the world in terms of diabetes patients, and it is common for preschool children to have mucus suctioned from their bronchi, so to speak – no comments needed. On the other hand, the USA is the world leader in unhealthy food consumption. There are no coincidences, there are logical outcomes. The successes of China in the fight against Covid-19, based on draconian restrictions and exemplary discipline of the people, are hardly something to rejoice about, as it is just a quenched fire, but the fire hazard remains. China is a world leader in environmental destruction.

However, there are topics that were not discussed. I watched in horror what people were buying in stores during the pandemic. Immune system-damaging products were purchased, such as white bread, pasta, colas, cookies, candies, etc. The consumption of animal protein-containing products did not decrease. This is a heavy burden on the immune system. This pandemic was like an exam for our immune system. Did vaccines solve the problem? Temporarily – yes. But what can happen in the future if there is no detoxification of the body and strengthening of the immune system? Where is the guarantee that a new virus will not appear?

If a person's body is not polluted and is nourished with the necessary minerals and vitamins, does not have a microelement deficiency (selenium, zinc, iodine, silicon, calcium, etc.), and the immune system is not weakened by pointless vaccines, similar virus-induced diseases will most likely proceed without symptoms. As extensive studies in China show, people who went through Covid-19 asymptomatically (without symptoms) do not endanger people who are in close contact with them. Such recovered people acquire natural immunity, which is the most effective, as it works on all virus proteins and reduces the chances for the immune system not to recognize it. In contrast, vaccines, which use fragments of virus proteins, give the virus broader opportunities to transform and evade the immune system, creating new variants. Although it is an effective means of avoiding severe illness, it must be understood that this is a temporary solution to the problem, which may lead to very unpleasant results in the future if lifestyle changes are not made.

If the number of people who have acquired natural immunity increases, then society develops so-called "herd immunity," the most natural and effective form of protection. Unfortunately, the reality is that responsible state officials do not even want to hear about it, thus skepticism, distrust, and resistance form in society. If this were not the case, prophylaxis would be discussed much more often than vaccination in public media, and conspiracy theories about government intentions would not circulate in society.

The severity of the disease actually reflects the real state of the body. There were even reports of naturopathic doctors who have put their bodies in order, that is, deprived viruses of the nutritional base in the respiratory tract (weakened cells, pus, mucus) and can afford not to be afraid of patients, managing without a hazmat suit.

Perhaps humanity should perceive this epidemic as a gentle warning from nature about the gross violation of its laws and as a light tap on the finger so as not to follow a heavy blow with a stab.


Useful tips for the enemies of the people
To better understand the current situation and objectively evaluate it, occasionally it is useful to look at the situation also from the opposite side, even though it sounds very sarcastic. The purpose of this advice is not related to any specific person or group of people. Any coincidence of recommendations with reality should be considered a coincidence.

1. More surveillance is needed to ensure that people in gathering places outside, especially in cold weather, wear masks more often, so that the exhaled pathogenic microorganisms, bouncing off the sweaty mask, can return back to the body and additionally burden the immune system, which is important for promoting the pandemic.

2. Wider use of disinfectants should be encouraged to squeeze out the beneficial microflora from the biocenosis, that is, from the community of microorganisms, and make room for the pathogenic microflora.

2. Home quarantine is effective. If a person is not in contact with the surrounding environment for a long time, the immune system is not trained, that is, it does not receive irritants in small doses, similar to how an athlete's muscles atrophy without training. At the end of the quarantine, the immune system, encountering a large number of new unfamiliar antigens, may not withstand the load.

3. Only vaccination-supporting opinions may be allowed in the mass information space, but to simulate pluralism of opinions, one can sometimes interview, for example, a rural old lady, who, of course, will not be able to coherently oppose the popular medical "stars."

4. The psychosomatic factor is effective. To create social psychosis in society and maintain tension, as well as fear, that is, stress, to thereby weaken immunity, television news should regularly show overcrowded hospitals, overworked medics, morgues, cemeteries, exhausted gravediggers, and dying patients who regret not being vaccinated.

5. In the information space, it should not be allowed for any patient to regret an unhealthy lifestyle up to the illness, it should be emphasized that the main culprit is not being vaccinated. Prophylaxis should be discussed as little and as chaotically as possible.

6. To prevent losses to the pharmaceutical industry, it is strictly necessary to ensure that doctors strictly follow guidelines. Arbitrariness and self-initiative are not permissible and are strictly punishable. Alternative medicine must be leveled and questioned.

7. People who have acquired immunity to a virus naturally, by going through it asymptomatically or in a mild form, still need to strengthen such immunity with vaccines, to create cell cytotoxicity, that is, hyperactivity of the immune system, when antibodies destroy the tissues of their own organism.

8. Booster vaccines should be promoted, so that with each subsequent revaccination, in perspective, the monocyte-macrophage system is weakened, and morphological changes in the lymph nodes are promoted.

9. To prevent children from developing a normally functioning immune system and they vaccinate continuously throughout their lives, parents should be told to vaccinate with all available vaccines, covering as many diseases as possible.

10. Do not remind of the well-known, effective prophylaxis methods against respiratory diseases, such as smearing the nose with respective ointments before going to public places.

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                                              About Covid-19 

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer current, in order for something like this to never happen again, it's necessary to understand why such a situation occurred. 


Medicine must be preventative and informative
By supporting government measures (masks, vaccination, gathering restrictions, quarantine, etc.), we can temporarily protect from nature's punishment those who ignore its laws. Nature has programmed humans for health. If a person lives in accordance with its laws – consumes an adequate diet, drinks water and nothing else, is physically active, then it will simply be impossible to contract common cold-related illnesses (acute respiratory diseases), even if one wanted to, for example, by staying sweaty in a draft or dousing oneself with cold water, etc. 

There have been cases observed worldwide where people completely recover from Covid-19, but then fall ill with dangerous fungal diseases, such as mucormycosis, a few days later. There is a logical explanation for this. Treating respiratory illnesses with powerful steroids (anti-inflammatory drugs) damages the intestinal flora, but it is in the intestines that immunity begins to form. Weak immunity, coupled with a built-up base for fungi and hypoxia, all add up, creating the basic conditions for the development of fungal diseases. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, herpes, Epstein-Barr, and cytomegalovirus, which are even more dangerous and annually claim millions of lives worldwide, were forgotten. They are widespread, promote the onset and development of other diseases, but have not disappeared anywhere. 

If bacteria can be defeated with antibiotics and fungi with antifungal agents, viruses can only be overcome by strengthening immunity. To strengthen it, minerals and trace elements are needed, as well as a balanced intestinal microflora. Incidentally, loss of smell and taste when sick with Covid-19 is a sign of zinc deficiency in the body. When taking zinc as a dietary supplement, copper should also be taken to prevent its deficiency. Everything is interconnected. Zinc, vitamins K2 and D3 are the main preventive measures. 

What happened in nursing homes, which were overtaken by Covid-19 one after another? Did anyone give these elderly people the minimum of these vitamins for prevention? To talk about the biological value of the food they are served is not even desirable. Even children in kindergartens do not have an adequate diet. If current elderly people had such a diet in their childhood, then today's children, if this continues, are unlikely to reach such an age.


Vaccine Effectiveness 
We hear in the mass media – vaccine effectiveness is 65%, 80%, 95%, etc. It's unclear how this can be determined when the amount of antibodies is not the only indicator of immune response. Maybe based on T memory cells or how T lymphocytes react to this vaccine, but no one has shown how this happens, and if it does, whether research results have been published, for example, on mice? There are no research results! The amount of antibodies is an important indicator, but immunity cannot be measured only by the amount of antibodies, there are other indicators. If all antibodies against all antigens entering the body were retained, there simply would not be enough serum for the body to store the large amount of antibodies, and the blood would also thicken, so over time, if there is no contact with the specific pathogen, the amount of antibodies against it decreases and turns out that after a few months it is necessary to vaccinate again, but the main problem is that mRNA-type viruses constantly change, so over time vaccines against them become less and less effective. 

The virus has not been isolated, but it must be isolated in a pure form, and, according to Koch's postulates, it should be found in the bodies of all people suffering from this virus, but healthy people should not find this virus. The isolated virus, cultivated in culture and inoculated to a healthy individual, should cause the disease, and this pathogen (virus) must be the same as it was causing the initial cases of the disease. But if the virus is not isolated, according to these Koch's postulates, as it is with other infectious diseases, then the accuracy of Covid-19 tests becomes questionable and the treatment strategy may turn out to be unsuccessful. By the way, those who can isolate this virus and publish research in prestigious medical journals are promised large cash prizes. Unfortunately, no one has heard of anyone being able to do it. 

It is pointless to vaccinate against rapidly mutating viruses because by the time a vaccine is developed against them, they will have mutated many times over. Vaccines against the flu were developed back in 1996, but has the flu disappeared? Moreover, vaccination took place at least three weeks before the pandemic outbreak, and, when the pandemic began, it was stopped, because vaccinating during a pandemic can lead to an increase in antibody-dependent infection enhancement (ADE), which can increase the severity of viral infection because the vaccine-stimulated antibodies, instead of neutralizing the viruses, can facilitate their entry into body cells, and thus possible virus replication. There may even be a severe immune reaction, which can lead to a fatal outcome.


Child Vaccination 
In determining vaccine effectiveness, which involves young, healthy people, antibodies developed for half a year, but when vaccinating people with health problems and weaker immunity, the situation changes, and this term turns out to be significantly shorter or antibodies do not form at all. The question arises, how in such a situation, for example, can a vaccination calendar be formed for children? Moreover, children physiologically have very few receptors to which, for example, the Covid-19 virus can attach, so they get sick with this disease much less often and in a milder form, and those who have recovered develop strong natural immunity for a long time, which promotes the formation of herd immunity, so to achieve it, it is necessary to know precisely when, what, and with what to immunize. Of course, there are exceptions, such as the risk group, children with oncological diseases, obesity, diabetes, who require an individual approach. Compared to the flu, children are not the main carriers of this virus. It should also be taken into account that children's immune system is not fully developed yet, and compared to immunity resulting from illness, immunity from vaccines is often not as effective. 

Vaccinating children turns them from resistant individuals into targets for any pathogen. Children have a well-functioning thymus gland or thymus, which produces strong immunity, and any infection passing through a child's body becomes weaker with respect to other family members, which is especially important for the elderly and people with weak immunity. In this way, by isolating children, there is a greater likelihood that the elderly may encounter the virus in its unchanged form, which is much more dangerous.


Booster Effect 
In virology, there is a concept known as the booster effect. If there are some antibodies in the body that have arisen from periodically coming into contact with a weakened virus from the environment, it maintains, so to speak, the tension of the immune response, and the body produces antibodies without starting the infection process. On the contrary, if a person is in a sterile environment, for example, strictly adheres to distancing and frequently uses disinfectants, his body does not experience the booster effect, i.e., does not come into contact with the irritant. As a result, the amount of antibodies gradually decreases, and the process of getting sick proceeds more severely. 

In the process of evolution, the immune system has evolved in such a way that it constantly needs to react to something, but if there are no usual irritants, it can start to react (allergic reactions) to pollen, dust, plastics, etc.


Mechanism of Action of Popular Covid-19 Vaccines 
Compared to classical vaccines, these so-called "vaccines", which can hardly be called vaccines, are actually a product of gene engineering that acts on the genome. They can be mRNA or vector type vaccines, which only differ in the method of delivering the spike protein into human cells. The vaccine delivers a gene that codes for the S spike or spike proteins, which have various functions, therefore they have a very complex structure. For antibodies to be able to recognize and neutralize them, their spatial form must be absolutely intact. The principle of operation of these vaccines is very similar, only the delivery method may be different, that is, as with the vaccine, the initially modified gene enters our cells, and further everything happens as taught in biology: RNA is synthesized on the gene, S spike proteins are synthesized on the RNA, which then migrate to the cell membranes and arrange themselves in them, mimicking the virus to trigger an immune response.

Since all popular Covid-19 vaccines are targeted at the virus's S (spike) proteins (mainly at the segment associated with receptors), therefore, as the virus changes, the vaccine can no longer be so effective, meaning that vaccine effectiveness weakens. This is also influenced by the fact that such RNA-type vaccines, which are focused on antibody formation, as this amount of antibodies decreases, also reduces their effectiveness, because cell memory is not formed and full cell immunity does not occur.


Do Unvaccinated People Endanger the Vaccinated? 
In China, Wuhan, which is considered the origin of Covid-19, surveying many thousands of people who have asymptomatically suffered this infection, it was discovered that they did not infect people with whom they had been in close contact. However, there is nothing surprising about this, and it has a simple explanation. If a person has strong immunity and the body is not too contaminated, viruses simply cannot develop rapidly because they lack a base of weakened cells. This gives the immune system the opportunity, that is, time, to recognize this antigen in the form of a virus and develop antibodies en masse to overcome it. This means that such people, who have acquired natural immunity, do not endanger other people and do not give the virus the opportunity to form new variants. 

Otherwise, it is with people who ignore the laws of nature, eat and drink as it happens and what is provided, as well as do not give up harmful habits (alcohol, drugs, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, coffee, etc.), and they are significantly lacking in key minerals, especially such as selenium, silicon, zinc, as well as vitamin D3. These people are in the stress promoted by the mass media. Instead of talking about prevention, only the dangers of not being vaccinated are discussed. In a stressful situation, the body intensively consumes these important trace elements. When the virus enters the body of such people, it has the opportunity to multiply rapidly, that is, also to spread to other people. As a rule, such people have a large number of other health problems, which, as a result of immune system overload and failure, go from a latent to an acute form, but the disease often proceeds in a very severe form or even worse. With vaccines, we can temporarily save these people in such a way that the body is already prepared with antibodies before contact with the real virus, as a result, gaining time for the body's mobilization to fight it. However, the problem is not completely solved because the viruses have a "food base". They try to avoid the immune system by mutating and creating new variants against which vaccine-created protection may turn out to be less effective. Therefore, it is precisely this category of people, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not, that endangers other people.

It must be understood that any foreign body that contains proteins (bacteria, fungus, virus, or virus fragment in the form of a vaccine), entering the human bloodstream, causes an immune system reaction. For the body to produce antibodies and mobilize cell immunity, energy is spent, as well as reserves of vitamins and trace elements, etc. If a relatively healthy person, who takes care of his immune system and most likely would suffer the virus asymptomatically or in a very mild form, decides to get vaccinated during the pandemic, then in this way he additionally burdens his immune system, and there may be a situation where this lack of resources, while full immunity has not yet been formed, may contribute to a more severe illness. Therefore, immunology textbooks recommend vaccinating before the start of a pandemic to timely form protection.

Conclusion – it is not the unvaccinated who endanger the vaccinated or vice versa, but people who, with their lifestyle, provide viruses with a favorable environment for mutation and reproduction. These can be both vaccinated and unvaccinated.


When assessing immunity, one cannot rely only on the amount of antibodies 
There is no direct correlation between the amount of antibodies and protection against Covid-19, because in this process, cellular immunity plays a large role, which is much more complicated. Asymptomatically recovered individuals actually pose the least threat to others and best promote the formation of herd immunity.
I would like to hear answers to the following questions 
To dispel some doubts and distrust in society regarding issues related to combating the pandemic, I would like to hear logically reasoned answers from responsible officials to the following questions:

1. How are vaccinated people less dangerous to society than unvaccinated people who have asymptomatic Covid-19 and have naturally developed antibodies?

2. In the context of endangering other people, how do vaccinated people differ from unvaccinated people who do not develop antibodies due to weak immunity?

3. When vaccinating people who have naturally developed antibodies, as well as revaccinating those who still have retained antibodies - will such people start to experience very intense coagulation processes, causing too active occlusion of various organs' blood vessels, DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation) syndrome, and as a result, thrombosis?

4. Does the total exclusion of a constructive different opinion in the official public mass media regarding the pandemic help to promote public trust in them?

5. Immunology has long known that the strongest immunity belongs to those who suffer the disease asymptomatically, not to those who have suffered severely or have been vaccinated. Are asymptomatic recovered individuals counted in calculating herd immunity? If not, why?

6. How many people from the unvaccinated, who suffered severely or did not survive after contracting Covid-19, had no chronic health problems before, and how many were completely healthy before getting sick?

7. As epidemiologists claim, Covid-19 mutation occurred at a rate of 2 times a month. The most popular vaccines were developed almost two years ago. Can we rely only on vaccines in this situation, ignoring prevention? If so, why, in countries with a very high public vaccination coverage, where the unvaccinated are almost just a few percent (Israel, the Netherlands, Denmark), did the number of cases increase?

8. How to explain that in poor African countries, which experts were so worried about at the start of the pandemic and where there was the lowest percentage of vaccinated people in the world, for example, in Zimbabwe, according to official data, there were the fewest cases and almost no fatal outcomes?

9. How does the placebo effect influence both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, in the context of a one-sided opinion on vaccination in the official mass media?

10. Name at least one disease, against which vaccination forms stronger immunity than natural immunity developed by overcoming the disease!

11. How many people died from Covid-19 as the main cause of death?

12. How is it that in Sweden, where there were the least Covid-19 restrictions, has the lowest rate of cases and deaths per 100,000 people in Europe?

Honest answers to these questions would promote public trust and understanding, as well as improve the effectiveness of combating pandemics.


Only one opinion dominates 
To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? The official mass media convincingly dominate only one opinion. A constructive opposite opinion is not even conceivable, everything exactly as in the best Soviet times or nowadays in some neighboring countries. Logically, in such a situation, people develop disbelief and doubts. I too would probably be a fervent opponent of vaccination if I had not thoroughly delved into this topic and understood that vaccination is a temporary rescue method for those people from nature's punishment, who ignore its laws.

For comparison, if, for example, we leave dirty dishes in a warm and humid room for a long time, they will start to smell and mold. This means that for someone these impurities are food. Exactly the same happens in the human body, where there is a warm and moist environment. This pandemic is a consequence of the fact that a person acts according to his mind, not as nature intended. If the body has an excessive accumulation of pus, mucus, and weakened cells, then such organisms appear, for which it is food and an opportunity to reproduce. Simple logic. Is it so hard to understand?

I would like to remind the main official information distributors, such as LR1 and LTV1, there is a theory that in a discussion on any topic, to decide on the optimal action, there must be at least 10% independent and differently thinking. Otherwise, the decision made is questionable.


Aspect that is rarely discussed 
I do not doubt that drug and vaccine manufacturers, before starting to mass-produce a new product, test it on volunteers. It is well known, and doctors remind us, that only a completely healthy person can be vaccinated. Only there is one problem, where to get these volunteers and moreover healthy ones. With the diet that people massively purchase in supermarkets, it is theoretically impossible to be healthy. It turns out that people who have not yet shown significant symptoms of the disease are considered healthy. This means that the disease has not yet been diagnosed, and each volunteer may have a different one. Does this aspect not remind you of the story "about the average temperature in the hospital"? The question arises – how reliable are the results of such trials?


Problems can be solved differently 
I apologize if this seems harsh to anyone, the current situation with vaccination can be compared to the following example: if in the winter cold weather your feet are freezing and you pour warm water in your pants, the problem can be quickly and effectively solved for a short time and even save from frostbite. However, the feeling quickly becomes unbearable. You can continue to pour and pour, but it would probably be much more rational to dress warmly in time. Exactly the same is happening now with the situation in the country in the field of health.

"To dress warmly in time" means to cleanse the body of the unnecessary and give it what is needed, that's all. As a bonus, numerous health sector problems, about which one is tired of hearing, will be automatically solved.


To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? 
There is no unequivocal answer to this question. This is a big mistake made by the official mass media, excluding any other opinion even if it is logically substantiated and based on indisputable facts, the exception can only be an excessively destructive opinion. Therefore, it is no wonder that distrust is formed in society. The need for vaccination is motivated by doctors' recommendations, but it must be understood that doctors are forced to follow the guidelines set for them. If a doctor dares to express a different opinion, he is immediately condemned, he is threatened with certificate cancellation and even lawsuits.

Yes, vaccines are a convenient way for a person to temporarily avoid more severe illness, and it gives the infected greater hope of survival, that is a fact. This was the case with the original variant against which vaccines were developed. Unfortunately, this mRNA-type virus constantly changes, such is the nature of this virus. Therefore, vaccines that were created earlier against the original variant turn out to be increasingly ineffective against each subsequent variant. We especially see this with omicron - vaccinated people got sick more often than the unvaccinated. Whether with such ineffective vaccines, re-vaccinating, will we get the desired effect? Will there not appear serious side effects? Unfortunately, such a scenario is also possible for people with many chronic diseases. Perhaps it would be more logical to try to get rid of these chronic diseases and strengthen immunity. The causes of all diseases are very similar, after all.

It must be understood that it is not the virus itself or vaccines, which are actually a weakened virus or a fragment of the virus, that cause unpleasant side effects in most cases. These are various chronic diseases that additionally burden the immune system, and when encountering the virus, it cannot cope, so often these diseases go from a latent to an acute form. Simply put, the immune system is overloaded and cannot suppress encapsulated inflammatory processes or diseases called side effects, the most common cause of which is treatment with drugs, suppressing symptoms and not eliminating causes.

Especially a large load on the immune system falls if it encounters an unfamiliar virus for the first time. It takes time to recognize it, but the virus multiplies during this time, especially rapidly progressing if it has a suitable environment. On the other hand, if a person is vaccinated, this time and immune system resources are saved, thus more successfully not allowing chronic diseases to activate. Only the trouble is that by getting vaccinated, chronic diseases do not disappear anywhere, but continue to exist in a latent or dormant form, which was achieved thanks to drugs (symptoms removed). But the virus also does not sleep, it mutates and tries to bypass antibodies, such is the nature of these mRNA-type viruses – to constantly change. Therefore, it is no wonder that the effectiveness of vaccination against new virus variants decreases by half over the year, as admitted by the vaccine manufacturers themselves. It turns out that you need to vaccinate and vaccinate again. What this can lead to, how it can promote cytokine storms, the development of autoimmune processes, etc., unfortunately, is almost not discussed.

There is also another option – not to get vaccinated. However, this is a much more difficult path, requires a lot of knowledge and willpower, a drastic change in lifestyle in the direction described on this website. The result is likely to be quite different – many chronic diseases disappear, and there is no longer a need for medications that have been taken for years, energy and joy of life appear, the burden on doctors is relieved, and there is no longer such a fear of viruses, because there is a very high probability that the body's encounter with them may not even be noticed. Unfortunately, there are few such people in modern society, but they exist, but about them in public mass media is almost not heard. We only hear the regrets of the seriously ill that they were not vaccinated.


Call to Journalists 
More than 30 years ago, I went to the barricades near the Latvian television and radio buildings to defend them so that it would be possible to freely express various opinions, including those with which we disagree. In clothes saturated with the smell of bonfire smoke and a radio in January, I stood so that those times would never return when there is only one "correct" opinion. Unfortunately, after more than 30 years, such a time has returned again in relation to information about human health, that is, about the most important thing a person can have, because everything else is secondary if there is no health.

Dear journalists, who are the eyes and ears of the people, you are wise and logically thinking people, you honestly and truly tell about events in Ukraine, thank you for that. Unfortunately, quite the opposite happened with the reflection of the Covid-19 pandemic in our official information space, which sometimes reminded me of the official propaganda television channels of some neighboring countries. Also, I disagree with many things said by anti-vaxxers, because it is not so simple, it is necessary to delve deeply into the field of medicine, but why do you rely on some, I dare say, pseudo-specialists, who constantly rotate almost every day in the public mass media to the point of annoyance, who even ignore what is written in immunology and virology textbooks. It is not for me to teach you how to obtain information. There are prestigious medical journals in the world, such as BMJ, Lancet, sometimes you can also flip through virology textbooks, there are presentations by independent scientists and academicians not dependent on grants, etc. In the end, you should also listen to what the vaccine manufacturers themselves say. There are top-level virologists who are engaged in vaccine development and openly admit that almost everyone will have to get sick anyway. Simply, journalists themselves need to delve into these topics and ask these pseudo-specialists, who constantly call for vaccination and vaccination, a question about what will happen to people who have been vaccinated many times after a few years. If you, as journalists, find the situation in the field of health problem coverage unpleasant, then it needs to be changed, but if you cannot change this situation with your actions, then you need to step aside, otherwise, if you do not change the situation and do not step aside, you become participants in an organized group. Those who have sold their conscience should look into the Bible in the Gospel of Matthew, where it is written about 30 pieces of silver.

You can deceive a few people with half-truths for a while, but you cannot deceive all people all the time, and those who do so will sooner or later find themselves in an awkward situation, as was the case with the propagandists of the Soviet regime. It is no longer the 80s, when there were not such technical possibilities for information storage as now, and after the awakening, one could justify oneself that one did not quite say so. If someone, even indirectly, puts pressure on journalists, then it must be said, otherwise, for such television and radio, for example, I will not go to the barricades again. I suspect that many others will act similarly.

*Pseudo-specialists are considered to be doctors, or other medical workers, who talk about preventing disease symptoms, but do not talk about the causes of diseases and prevention.