A brief summary of the information available on the "EcoMedicine" website.


Minerals and Soil

The deficiency of minerals in human diets is one of the greatest tragedies of modern civilization, yet it is scarcely discussed. Why has such a situation developed today, where the human body drastically lacks many micronutrients?



The main indicator of the Earth's value is biodiversity. Does man behave in the perfect ecosystem created by nature as nature intended? With your choice of purchase in the store, you influence the environment.


Biological Environment

Nature can successfully survive without the presence of humans, yet for humans, nature is vitally important. A prerequisite for good health is a well-organized biological environment. What should this environment be like? Can we be smarter than nature?



Water is the main prerequisite for life. What happens when it is lacking? What physical and chemical properties of water are important for maintaining human health? What kind of water should you drink? About water from springs, taps, distilled, negatively charged, soft, hard, etc.



Nutrition can both improve and damage health. Details about hydrogenated fats, oils, carbohydrates, GMO foods, yeast-containing bread, salt, sugar, alcohol, coffee, carbohydrates, product compatibility, and other issues.


Every animal species has its own diet, as does man. What diet has nature intended for humans? Why is this important? Is it okay to abruptly switch to adequate nutrition? About the biological value of various products on a 0-10 scale.


Nutritional Supplements

Separating a substance individually from the diet, it acts differently, yet it is one of the ways to enrich an otherwise incomplete diet. There are also natural nutritional supplements.


Medicinal Plants

Nature provides everything necessary for us to be healthy, almost laying it at our feet. It remains only to learn the necessary knowledge of when and what to take from nature. Only by preserving nature can a person be healthy.



Fermented vegetables can be even more valuable than fresh ones, as the nutrients necessary for humans are converted into an easily absorbable form. About the biochemical transformations that occur during the fermentation process.


Parasites and Toxins

Parasites and toxins threaten us at every step, but the detoxification system of modern humans is on the verge of resource depletion. What parasites threaten us, and how to get rid of them?


Harmful Factors

Modern humans are constantly under the influence of various harmful factors. These include various radiations, household chemicals, environmental pollution, etc. To reduce this harmful impact, it is necessary to understand how it all works.





What is eco-medicine? How does it differ from traditional medicine? Is it possible to treat diseases without medication? There are 13 indicators that can tell a lot about a person's health. What are they?


Causes of Diseases

There are two main causes of disease – pollution of the organism and deficiency of minerals. Other causes stem from these two, but medications should only be a temporary solution in critical situations. About hypoxia, dysbiosis, casein, mucus, uric acid, salt, gluten, and much more.



Getting rid of pollution in the body and the diseases it causes. Fasting activates the detoxification process. About how fasting helps to cleanse, how to do it correctly. About intermittent fasting.

Heart and Blood Vessels

There are cardiothoracic surgeons who have long concluded that heart and vascular diseases cannot be cured with a scalpel, lifestyle changes are necessary. Stroke, heart attack, arterial hypertension, hypotension, and the importance of lifestyle in the development of these diseases.



Oncology may soon surpass cardiovascular diseases. It is easy to avoid oncology, but difficult to treat. About the mechanism of malignant tumor formation, its nature. What do fungi and tumors have in common?


Respiratory System

Bronchial asthma, obstructive bronchitis, sinusitis, haimoritis, and other diseases. Their causes and prevention. The most effective way to protect against influenza is to prevent the flu virus from having a nutritional base, pus in the respiratory tract. This also applies to the coronavirus Covid-19.


Digestive System

Gastritis, dysbiosis, stomach and duodenal ulcers, and other gastrointestinal tract (food processing system) diseases. Causes and preventive measures.


Nervous System

If toxins are not removed from the body, accumulations form, including in the brain, which manifests as depression, neurosis, epilepsy, parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis, or other mental disorders. How does mineral deficiency affect brain function?


Immunity and Allergy

The mechanism of immunity, autoimmune processes, causes and mechanisms of allergies. How vaccines work, whether vaccines can protect against diseases, and whether there are alternatives?


Connective Tissues and Joints

Joints, joint fluid, collagenosis, osteochondrosis, collagen functions, and formation process. Over the years, human collagen production weakens, how to compensate for it.



What is diabetes? Why does it occur? What are insulin and insulin resistance? About hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. How does glucose differ from fructose? Thermally processed starches.


Endocrine system

Hormones as messengers that help establish connections between various organs. The role of the liver in the hormonal system, the impact of insecticides on the hormonal system, hormonal therapy. About factors that disrupt hormonal balance.


Excess Weight

Excess weight is a problem of the excretory system. Causes and mechanism of formation of excess weight. Can fasting help lose excess weight? About the keto diet. What is cellulite?


Nature has programmed humans to live much longer. Age in humans is considered when crossing the 100-year threshold. There are regions in the world where such people exist. What did centenarians do differently? About factors that affect lifespan.


Did you know that...?

Surfactants, saliva, 'fungi', graying of hair, biological age, cholesterol, infertility, caries, and many other topics.



About bees

The best energy, construction materials, and protection for the human body that bees can provide. The biological value of various beekeeping products.



What you should know when choosing honey? The best honey is when human intervention is minimal. What happens when humans intervene? How is honey better than sugar? How can honey be used for detoxification?


Bee Bread

A natural nutritional supplement. A product created by nature with a huge variety of biologically active substances for those who care about their health. Can pollen and bee bread cause allergies?



 A product created by nature that acts against viruses, fungi, and bacteria at the same time. Why, compared to antibiotics, does resistance not develop against propolis?



Wax is a fat-like substance that bees secrete through wax glands to build cells for storing honey and raising broods. Pure wax without impurities burns without residue.


Bee Venom

Are bee stings healthy? Composition of bee venom. About the medicinal properties of apitoxin.




My opinion on agriculture

About the harm conventional agriculture does to nature and people. Shortsighted thinking, misunderstanding, or malice? About the absurd policy of agricultural subsidies.


My opinion on modern food

Unfortunately, modern industrial chemicalized food, one might even say, has become a means of pleasure with little relation to what the human body needs.


My opinion on medicine

The illness of a human being is the ultimate result of the errors in the education and health protection systems. About how nutrition 'science' becomes marketing 'business'. Can you be healthy by ignoring the laws of nature?


My opinion on Covid-19

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer current, in order for something like this to never happen again, it's necessary to understand why such a situation occurred. About what traditional medicine does not say.

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About the EcoMedicine Project

How and why the EcoMedicine project was created. Why such an angle on health problems is rarely discussed in the mass media, although it is all well researched and known to scientists? About myself and the creation of the "ECOMEDICINE" website.


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