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The way on health




   Unfortunately, in the world there is no such magic potion which could cure all the diseases. However, if one should name one, the phenomenon which meets the closest definition would be qualitative water. There is very little we know about water, while, actually, it is the cunabula of the human race. Qualitative water is one of a few things which guarantee good health. The cells of human organism live in interstitial fluid (approximately 50 liters for an adult), which exists in a constant motion. This fluid serves as a fare for cells, providing it with oxygen, and removing metabolism products, which with the help of lymph flow further to veins and finally excrete. The quicker is the process, the sooner the organism is excreted. Excretion is even more significant for cells health and protection than nutrition. Every single cell (from 100 trillion of living cells in a human body) needs feeding, operating and excreting, which is possible with the help of water only! Water makes 90% of weight of an infant, 75% of an adult, and only 65% of an aged person. As the years go by, we “dry out” like rosins.  Thus, to postpone the aging process, it is indispensable to drink water. However, it is also important to know what kind of water is good for drinking, and how much of it one should have to feel fresh and full of energy. The answers on the given questions I will try to provide below.

  What happens when the body lacks water?

1% - if your body has lost the following amount of water - thirst begins. For example, if a person weighs 100 kg, a lost of 0.7 litters of water can be calculated, as human is composed of 70% water.

2% - decreased appetite, excitement ensues and capacity for work reduces.

4% - nausea, fatigue, headache and emotional instability.

6% - coordination and speech problems.

10% - impaired thermoregulation and killed cells.

11% - drinking does not help; chemical balance of the body is disturbed. Professional medical help is needed.

20% - human can die.

Everyone can calculate the amount of lost water knowing his weight.

  What is ORP (Oxidation reduction potential)?

 Oxidation and reduction processes are interrelated. If a substance oxidizes, another inevitably reduces. These are uninterrupted one from other processes. If the substance is giving away (loses) its electrons and charges positively – this means it oxidizes. On the contrary, if the substance obtains (adds) electrons and charges negatively - this means it reduces. Electrical potential difference between the substances also is ORP and it is measured in millivolts.

  What kind of water would be best to drink?

 The one, that is in our cells. Drunk water will be in the stomach and intestines until that time while it becomes alkaline. The intracellular fluid is alkaline, cell's internal fluids are more acidic and the ions from more alkaline fluid must go to a less alkaline fluid. This requires cellular energy. To make the water more alkaline, the body saturates it with its minerals magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium, because as long as the water is acidic not a single drop of drunk water can get to intracellular fluid, until it becomes alkaline. The intracellular fluid is negatively charged (about -100 Mv). Positively charge water (tap water +250 Mv) cannot get into the cell, while it becomes negatively charged for at least -50 Mv. Living water is when the hydrogen pH is greater than 7.0 and ORP is with a minus sign. When in the body gets dead water, the body revives it by using its own oxygen give its own electrical charge, minerals and warms the water. Only then water can get among cells. For example with soda can achieve quickly that water becomes alkaline, but ORP will remain positive, therefore this water will be dead. It is also important so the water would not be hard, because if there is a lot of calcium carbonate and other inorganic minerals, fatty acids poorly dissolve. In acidic medium, when calcium carbonate is mixed with fat, it is deposited on the walls of blood vessels and kidneys, it forms nephrolith. Cells do not need hard water or heavily mineralized water. They need soft and little mineralized water. Minerals must be organic but not from rocks.

  What is Structured Water?

 Water molecules merge in clusters and form the structure. Clusters are as the memory cells. Many factors can impact the structure of the water.

   Is it desirable to drink tap water?

 Tap water contains chlorine, which destroys our nerve cells and destroys the good bacteria and increases the risk of cancer diseases. In the chlorinated water chloroform forms, that is a carcinogen. To reduce the chlorine in tap water, it is necessary so that water draws in an open dish during the day, stirring it from time to time, because chlorine is a gas that evaporates. With water filters you can not get rid of the gas. Boiling water, chlorine can not be destroyed, but becomes insoluble compound and poisons the body. Moreover, tap water is polluted energetically. According to many initiated researches, tap water gathers information and may become negatively charged already on its way through the pipes (especially if soil pipes are located close). Anyway, while water is flowing by winding pipes its energy is polluted. The connection between molecules is broken, and water is disordered in structure, which decreases its ability to enter into metabolic response. Big water molecules (clusters) are unable to get through the cell membrane due to its size. As a result, the organism has to consume more energy to restructure the water. However, as the years go by the ability to restructure water is reduced. Healthy cells have structured water only!

  Why should we avoid drinking boiled water only?

 Boiled water is dead water, because it contains very little oxygen, and, life is impossible without it. If to put a fish first into boiled water, and then into chilled one, a fish will be dead, because the oxygen has evaporated during the boiling process. Many chemical processes which take place in an organism deal with oxygen much more effectively. Besides, crystalline lattice of boiling water is strongly damaged, which may be harmful for health already in a day time. In addition, after boiling calcium and magnesium are transformed into lime, which is absolutely useless for cells.

  Why should we avoid drinking filtrated and especially distillated water only?

 Macro and micro elements are essential for drinking-water. Continuous use of water without these elements (either filtrated or distillated) leads to the serious lack in an organism, which may cause such illnesses as for example osteoporosis, kidney stones, etc.

  Is it allowed to drink mineral water for a long time?

 One is not recommended drinking much mineral water a day, because minerals have a tendency to be preserved in an organism. The use of mineral water must be carefully balanced.

   Why is it undesirable to drink fizzy drinks (coca-cola, lemonade, etc.)?

 The alkaline condition of our blood is pH 7.3 always. This is one of the most important constant figures in a human organism. If it is reduced on 0.01 point, a person starts feeling worry, anxiety, insomnia, depression, longing for alcohol, nicotine, and drugs. If it is reduced more, then there grow positive environment for various kinds of parasites (mycoses, bacteria, helminthes, viruses, etc.) More serious decrease causes such illnesses as bronchial asthma, autoimmune disease, arthronosos, thyroid gland disease, and cancer. If the figure decreases till pH 7.0 it may cause death, diagnosed with such thing as, for example, circulatory collapse. Usually, the first reanimation aid is 1.5 liters alkali injection. Fizzy drinks have pH 2,5, and thus, drinking it we change our own pH to the acid. Besides, acid environment bounds oxygen in our cells and therefore we cannot breathe. To neutralize the acid, and unload the oxygen we need calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. These are the main elements which help to recover the acid-base balance. If the blood lacks these elements, the organism takes it from teeth (which causes caries), bones (osteoporosis), nails and blood-vessels (atherosclerosis). Water makes approximately 90% of the brain. The given drinks do not access the brain, it receives only structured water. In addition this kind of drinks contains food dye, sugar or artificial sweeteners, and taste boosters. Drinking this entire staff a person rather reminds a walking filter.

  Why is it non-recommendable to drink popular Tetra Pack juices?

 In most cases this kind of juices is made of a concentrate mixed with water. It is very naïve to think that they contain vitamins. In reality, you will get citric acid, artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives, stabilizers, synthetic colorings, etc. Why do we need to use or organism as a filter for these adjuncts? Organism needs to waste a lot of energy to process and assimilate this so-called “juice”. Let’s drink only fresh juice!

  How much water is good for drinking?

 Specialists recommend drinking 1.5 liters of water a day. One can calculate the necessary amount of water he needs a day by multiplying his weight on 30 ml. Drink no more than half a liter at a time. The necessary amount of water also depends on our nutrition. If in your nutrition prevail fish, meet, eggs, sweets, and canned goods, then you need more water. During the processing, these products acquire a number of toxics, which could be attenuated by water only. If you eat many fruit and vegetables – drink less.

  When shall we drink more?

 Since a great deal of water excretes with sweat, one should drink a lot during the hot weather. It is also topical during the cold times, because much water has a tendency to evaporate with breath. Besides, one needs much liquid before going by plain. If you have epigastric burning, water may help to dilute acid. In addition, one of the frequent causes of nephrolith (crystallized salt) is high urine concentration.  Finally, one should also drink more if he has influenza or diarrhea.

  Do kidneys feel good drinking 1.5 liters a day?

 Kidneys “like” being reached by blood, which contains much water. In such conditions kidneys do not need to make additional efforts to keep water in organism, and therefore more toxins are excreted. If you drink less, your organism takes water from cells, and the risk to fall ill grows. This signal is also received by the osmo receptors, located in hypothalamus part of the brain. It produces antidiuretic hormone ADH, which causes the kidneys to retain water and reduce the development of urine. As a consequence, we feel thirsty. If we drink enough water, osmo receptors do not produce ADH, kidneys function normally, and arises desire to urinate. If you want your kidneys to feel good, drink after each visit to the toilet. Since an adult person emits approximately 1.5 liters of urine a day, it is also recommended to drink not less than 1.5 liters of water. Drinking only tea, coffee, compote, or juice will not make much urine, because all these drinks are actually considered to be food!

  When do we feel thirsty?

 A person feels thirsty when his organism has lost 1% of its weight. It means that if your weight is 70 kg, you have lost 700 ml of water. Do we drink as much as that? We drink one cup at best! As a result, we suffer from the chronic lack of water. Brain cells are most sensitive for the lack of water, and tiredness is the first sign.

  Tea and coffee are not water!

 It is wrong to think that due to the regular drinking of coffee or tea we are allowed to drink less water. Actually, all these drinks are… food. Besides, coffee causes losing water, and not its assimilation. Coffee drinking wastes the most essential elements of human’s organism, necessary for tannic acid neutralization: calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium.

  Does water reduce appetite?

 Most often, esurience signals about the lack of water. Since water makes 70% of an organism, one should take this into account while eating and drinking. Our mistake is that we’ve got used to substitute water with calories rich dishes – juice, tea, coffee, lemonade, whole sour, alcohol, etc.

  Why is it prohibited to drink during eating?

 Food, which enters our stomach, should be moistened with saliva instead of drowning in water. Nowadays, people are in a constant hurry, and as a consequence try to eat faster, rinsing their meal with water. However, it’s a very harmful habit. Although you don’t feel thirsty, the food is not fully processed by the enzymes (in saliva and stomach). This causes intestinal fermentation and putrefaction processes, which consequently leads to the production of such poisons as indole and skatole. It is correct to drink water 20 minutes before and 1.5-2 hours after your meal.

  Why does drinking water give us immediate energy?

 According to many researches, if a sportsman drinks more water than he wants to, his stamina is very much increased. Why? If the main task of food is to supply the organism with energy, then the main function of water is to bear it. Water is pure energy. It does not pollute our organism with waste products and is excreted with urine. The energy obtained from food is indirect. How do our cells produce it? There are special proteins, located on the cells membrane, structured in such a way to give place to minerals. They flow freely in the interstitial fluid.  At the moment, when the minerals are attached to the protein molecules, the flow of water unfolds mineral molecules, and both mineral and protein molecules begin vibrating. As a result, the energy is produced. Nine trillions of brain cells most of all use hydro energy. It helps them to communicate with each other. When our organism lacks water, we feel thirsty, water leaves cells and the energy is not produced. That’s why already 2 minutes after drinking a cup of water we are relieved from apathy and tiredness. In contrast, it will take much longer for a bar of chocolate to provide us with energy. Food does not have a quick restorative effect, and water does! If brain cells receive only food and no water, you are making a path for falling ill.

  What diseases may arise when we don’t drink enough water?

 Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, tumors, cataracts! Sufficient amount of qualitative water may reduce the chance of heart and apoplectic attack on 41% (if drinking 8 glasses of water a day). Obesity, depression and cancer - are three names invented by doctors. In reality it is just a chronic shortage of qualitative water. Lacking water, human’s organism first reduces a number of its functions, and then starts dismantling its structure. The second type of diabetes is marked by the suspension of insulin release. It happens because the organism can’t compensate the shortage of water any other way.

 Water also reduces headache. The most frequent reason of headache is the lack of oxygen in the brain cells, and water is the bearer of oxygen! The other reason is the increase of acid inside the organism. Actually, it is one of the signs of dehydration. Drinking water will help to dilute, neutralize and evacuate acid.

  Why is it necessary to be careful with water filters?

 In everyday life we mostly use adsorbent filters – filters with activated charcoal. However, it is important to keep in mind that it must be used continuously. If such a filter is not used for approximately a month, it gives birth to various micro organisms, and as a result pollutes the water even more. Actually, if it is not used, its working lifespan is less than is told in the advertising. 

  Why is it healthy to drink melt-water?

 Melt-water structure is identical to the water cells structure. Such water decreases the level of cholesterin in blood, postpones the aging process, and the excretion of water.

  What shall I do to get such water?

 If you have access only to tap water, use the following recipe – pour the tap water into a container, and place in a freezer. Afterwards, unfreeze the water. Toxic impurities will stay at the bottom and, perhaps, also at the top. Take it away. Melt-water is good for immediate drinking. After some time it will lose its effectiveness. For medical purposes take 2-4 glasses a day, supping. The first glass is to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, an hour before eating. Do it every day, and see the effect in a month.

  It is wrong to drink hot water.

 It is strongly prohibited to drink hot water, which temperature is more than 400 C. If you drink water 600 C hot, your gullet and stomach cells, which produce hydrochloric acid, will be destroyed in a second. If you put a finger in your tea, and do not take it immediately away, then the temperature is fine. People who do not follow this rule suffer from gastritis with a decreased biliation. If there is no secretion, there is also no digestion.

  Physico-Chemical Properties of Water.

 The level of pH characterizes hydrogen energy and its activity (water acidity or alkalinity) the more acid is in water we drink, the more we fall ill and the faster we grow old. Keep in mind that fizzy drinks pH is 3.0, tap water pH is – 5-6.0, carbonated water pH is 5.5 and healthy blood pH is 7.34

 Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is characterized by the speed at which the oxidation processes take place in an organism, similarly to the rust that corrosives metal.  ORP shows the number of electrons, and the energy potential of water. The higher is the potential, the faster we grow old and organs that are vital for living fulfil their functions not fully. Transforming such water, we spend our potential energy (every person has a certain number of given energy). Such water withdraws electrons from cells and tissues, and therefore damages them. ORP can be measured by volt-ohm-milliammeter. Tap water ORP is about +200 to +300 microvolt. For example, in mother’s milk ORP is -70 mV. Carbonated sweetened beverages has+400 Mv and more. There are few places in the world where naturally occurring water up to -700 mV. These are places where people do not know today's most popular diseases and where there are much more long-livers. It is the island of Okinawa in Japan, Hunza Karakorum mountain region in northern Pakistan and Vilcabamba Ecuador. Human cells have no water pump. Water exchange is based on the potential gradient inside the cell and intracellular fluid. If ORP is small, the exchange will be better and less will be spent on cell life energy, to reduce this figure. Cells never are ill. Cells die, when they do not have energy

  Water Tension is the strength of the links between water molecules. To put it simply, water is either thicker or slusher. The higher is the indicator, the harder is nutrients and toxines motion through the cells membrane and in interstitial fluid. Tap water has 73 Dini. Our body has 43 Dini. However, in case of adding Alka-Mine water, it is reduced up to 34-53 Dini. Thus, the organism does not waste additional energy on reducing it. Warm water has a lower indicator of water tension, and therefore has a quicker access to cells. That is why it allays thirst much better. In contrast, alcohol is absorbed already in the stomach, because its surface tension is lower than the interstitial fluid.

  Water Structure.

 Japanese scientists have conducted a number of significant researches on water. In the end, they have come to a conclusion that water molecules have symmetrical structure, similar to a snowflake. Although this water is living, negative emotions, energy, piercing noise, and chemical reactions damage its structure and bring the whole ornament of molecules into chaos. Plant cells, as well as melt snow, ice and spring water always contain well-structured molecules. Spring water, taken at home remains the same no less than two weeks. Water structure could be improved by classical music (such as Bach, or Vivaldi), love words, or a prayer. To improve tap water structure a person will need to spend much time and energy.

  How to use water?

 If you do not reside in Okinawa Island, Hunza region or Vilcabamba, but in Latvia, should not automatically fall into pessimism. Of course, with not so excellent parameters, but also here and there is available relatively good water. Search, measure and improve the specification. The best thing would be to use the spring or well water, but the surrounding ecological situation is also very important. Every day one must drink approximately 1.5-2 liters of clear, living, biologically active, smooth, and well-structured water. For instance, the secret of a Japanese long-liver lies in special coral water Alko-Mine (Coral-Mine), which contains about 70 micro and macro elements in the form of ions. Such water neutralizes harmful impurities (chlorine, etc.), and adds alkali to our internal environment (which is undesirable for bad microbes, fungi, and parasites). Moreover, it has lowered surface tension, which facilitates cells penetration, improves nutrients, and discharges waste. Chemists say that it is very simple to get alkaline water – just add soda. So it is. Only this water will be very hard, and no penetration to the cells will occur. In order to be alkaline and soft at the same time (I only know) - Alka-Mine, Microhydrin, HydraCel and water ORP to reduce the special device "AkvaYav."

  It is important to drink water in the morning.

 During the night our body loses 200 – 400ml of water due to those organs what are resting at night. They are the gastrointestinal system organs – pancreas, gall bladder. By contrast in vital organs like heart and brain water reserves are maintained. By drinking two glasses of warm water in the morning immediately after awakening we not only awaken and wash gastrointestinal tract but also fill with water organs of digestive juice excretion. Also we fill salivary glands with water. Therefore eaten food in breakfast is much better digested.

  Learn to drink!

 Start you day with two glasses of warm water. Do not hesitate to add fresh lemon juice or a spoon of honey (improves peristalsis, prevents constipation). Don’t forget to take a bottle of water at work, and drink it once in a while during the day. Perhaps, at first you will have to push yourself doing it, but you will soon get used to it. In comparison with other countries, water is always available in Latvia. Appreciate the water you have! Keep it in a clear storage. Drink it from fine glasses, and enjoy it! There is nothing more precious than water! If there is no water, there is no life.  Drinking a sufficient amount of qualitative water step by step will make your health excellent. Make your children accustomed to drinking water. If instead of water you give them something sweet or fizzy, they will never find out how tasty the water really is.

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