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Honey, bee bread, and propolis are naturally formed products that do not contain modern "benefits" such as preservatives, antioxidants, sugar substitutes, acids (chemically synthesized), flavor enhancers, tenderizers, synthetic dyes, glazing agents (for a shinier surface), bulking agents, emulsifiers, hardeners, coagulants, stabilizers, thickeners, guar gums, carriers, acidity regulators, anti-caking agents, foam suppressants and creators, humectants, modified starches, protective gases, propellants (anti-caking agents), sequestrants, etc.

24 Reasons to Choose Honey:
1. Does not contain artificial food additives.

2. For external appearance care, it is more cost-effective to use products beneficial to health rather than cosmetics and procedures.

3. One of the longest-tested products in human history and is recognized as useful.

4. Compared to white bread, sugar, and its products, which are fast carbohydrates, honey could be considered as slow carbohydrates.

5. Fits very well with other products and helps the body digest and absorb them.

6. An effective means for rapid restoration of mental and physical strength.

7. Soothing effect before going to sleep.

8. Can be used in a sauna, serves well in cosmetic procedures as it helps maintain the skin's natural moisture level. The antioxidants present in honey protect the skin from the effects of free radicals and the aging of skin cells.

9. Rich in vitamins, microelements, enzymes, and many other biologically active substances. All of which are not found in sugar.

10. A product that has been little affected by inflation over many years.

11. Possesses tissue regenerating properties (can be used in wound healing).

12. Honey has strong antibacterial properties. For instance, placing typhoid bacteria in honey, they perish within 48 hours, while the causative agent of dysentery dies within 10 hours.

13. After the closure of sugar factories, it's the only sweetness of Latvian origin.

14. Can be stored for a very long time, it's possible to purchase the amount needed for the whole year at once, remembering that any biologically active product is best stored in a cool and dark place.

15. Purchasing beekeeping products also supports other agricultural sectors, as the financial benefit from the pollination of crops performed by bees is much greater than the income from sold honey.

16. If you wish to avoid genetically modified food, there's a low risk that honey will be from GMO plants, as collecting such honey and, especially, pollen, bees overwinter poorly or not at all, and also develop weakly.

17. Honey production consumes few natural resources.

18. Honey contains up to 300 components that the human body can well absorb and process.

19. Honey starts to be absorbed already in the mouth. Honey has very few waste substances. Therefore, the human body almost completely utilizes it.

20. Negatively charged hydrogen electrons, which destroy free radicals in the body, are most commonly found in flower nectar, to protect genetic information from free radicals. Bees transform nectar into honey. By the way, water from mountain streams, which long-livers in the mountains drink daily, contains a lot of negatively charged hydrogen electrons.

21. Regular consumption of honey can dissolve gallstones, and this effect can be further enhanced with green cocktails.

22. Since the main component of honey is fructose and its entry into cells does not require the hormone insulin, honey can also be used by people with diabetes.

23. As known, the body's detoxification process requires a lot of energy. Honey can provide this energy, and the body starts to expel toxins, but if there are too many, it also expels them through the skin. This process manifests as skin rashes.

24. Compared to sugar, honey does not harm the brain, on the contrary, honey restores proper metabolic processes and improves the function of brain neurons.

8 Reasons to Choose Bee Bread:
1. Such a concentration of life-necessary substances in one place is unmatched by any natural product in the world. It contains almost everything necessary for life. Therefore, bee bread is called the formula of life.

2. Not known for significant counterfeits. Such a product can only be created by nature.

3. Bee bread does not cause allergies. Compared to pollen, it preserves better and longer because bees have performed conservation. The human body utilizes it much more completely.

4. Contains all the same valuable substances as honey, but in higher concentration, quantity, and variety.

5. Even when stored at sub-zero temperatures, bee bread loses almost no value because it almost does not contain water.

6. Compared to honey, bee bread contains fewer calories. A good solution for those concerned about their weight and counting calories.

7. A natural remedy for restoring intestinal microflora after the use of antibiotics and unnatural food. Immunity depends on the quality of intestinal microflora.

8. An effective means for use in cosmetics.

7 Reasons to Choose Propolis:
1. A natural construction that works against bacteria, viruses, and fungi simultaneously.

2. Compared to antibiotics, bacteria do not develop resistance against propolis.

3. Selective action against bacteria. Destroys the bad ones and spares the good ones, or even promotes their proliferation.

4. Can be used both as a preventive and therapeutic agent (in consultation with a doctor beekeeper).

5. Creates a pleasant aftertaste when taken orally, and a pleasant aroma when used externally.

6. A useful component in the preparation of cosmetic products.

7. An ideal prophylactic agent against dental caries.



                          Production and Contact Information

About Production
The apiaries are located in the Rezekne region in agriculturally less active areas. The largest base apiary is situated in Driceni parish, surrounded by 4 organic farms from all sides. These organically certified farms are engaged in cattle and strawberries.

To find out from which apiary the honey comes, look at the label.

The honey is packed in a specially built room with equipment that meets EU standards, certified by the Food and Veterinary Service (PVD).

The honey is from various flowers (a wide variety of flowers) as well as honeydew honey. There is no presence of rapeseed flower honey.





The only food product not affected by inflation. The price remains the same as 11 years ago. 

3 liters - 20.00 EUR

Packed in special food-grade buckets in 1 liter and 3 liter packages.

It is more cost-effective to purchase the desired quantity at once. This is also possible in Riga.

Honey harvested in 2023
Honey is also available for purchase in bulk.
Packaged in 20-liter buckets (28 kg).
Price per 1kg – 3.00 EUR


BIOR Honey Testing Report





Diastase number

IHC 6.2:2009

34,9 ± 5,2 Gothe units

Electrical conductivity

IHC 2:2009*

0,92 ± 0,01 mS/cm

Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)


1,8 ± 0,4 mg/kg


IHC 1:2009

16,4 ± 0,4 %

Reducing sugars

§64 LFBG L 40.00-7

59 ± 9 %


< 1 %

Testing started: 31.08.2023. Testing completed: 07.09.2023.

The test report was prepared by: Silvija Dumpe (Senior Customer Service Specialist)

Date of test report preparation: 07.09.2023




Bee Bread

200g - 8.00 EUR

Unfortunately, it ended. Will be available in November.





Propolis in honey (composition: 5% propolis, 95% honey) A natural remedy against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

350g - 10.00 EUR



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