Microwave Oven
The microwave oven was invented in 1945 by American engineer Percy LeBaron Spencer. He discovered that with a magnetron, an electron tube for generating high-frequency oscillations (2.4 GHz), it was possible to heat food by placing it in a shielded box. Shielding is crucial to prevent burns when nearby, but it doesn't fully protect against electromagnetic load (measured in microwatts per square centimeter). Unfortunately, this radiation negatively affects homeostasis and metabolic processes in the body, leading to accelerated aging, exacerbation of chronic conditions, and weakened immunity. Microwaves create so-called radiolytic compounds in food, which promote molecular breakdown and act similarly to radioactive substances when ingested.

Food cooked in a microwave has its structure disrupted even at the atomic level, not to mention the molecular level. Such food cannot be assimilated by the body, and the quicker the body eliminates it, the better.

Bengal Fireworks during Festivals
At first glance, what's wrong with festivals and joy, aside from concerns about fire safety? However, as it turns out, there's more to worry about. Burning sparklers release phenol, a strong carcinogen and mutagen that causes cancer, allergies, and adversely affects the nervous system. They also release an even more dangerous substance—formaldehyde, which causes toxic reactions ranging from coughing and bronchial spasms to various types of cancer.

For pyrotechnics intended for fireworks, for example, to achieve a green color effect, barium is used, which is also very toxic as it causes brain inflammation diseases, malignant brain tumors, heart muscle damage, etc.

Therefore, fireworks should not be conducted in enclosed spaces, and even when performed outdoors, they leave an ecological footprint. It's not that festivities must be completely devoid of lights. For instance, wax candles leave no negative impact.

Useful Kitchen Changes
For health benefits, some changes in the kitchen utensils could be beneficial, such as removing aluminum containers, microwave ovens, induction stoves, coffee machines, and instead acquiring devices that improve the physical properties of water, a portable oil press (for example, for flaxseeds, hemp), a vacuum pump (for storing products), and a shock freezer for rapid freezing.

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                                               Harmful Factors

Radiation affects cell membranes
Increased electron flow, which is characteristic of all types of radiation except neutrinos, impacts cells by damaging their membranes. Initially, the phospholipids in the membranes "burn out" or oxidize, and the polyunsaturated fatty acids become saturated. This disrupts polarity.


Mutagenic compounds interfere with the genome
Modern humans receive approximately 2 - 3 grams of various mutagenic compounds daily from food, air dust, household chemicals, cosmetics, and other pollution sources. These compounds interfere with DNA replication or the transfer of genetic information at the cellular level, potentially leading to very dangerous consequences. Any interference with the genome can lead to the appearance of "incorrect" cells, meaning that cells receive information deviating from the original plan. Such changes disastrously affect people of any age and increase the risk of cancer.
Accumulation of aluminum in the body
If a significant amount of aluminum accumulates in the body, especially in the intestinal tract, it competes with iron for transferrin (the main iron transporter to cells). Aluminum, with a valence of Al+3, is heavier than iron, which has a valence of Fe+2. This can make anemia treatment ineffective in people with high aluminum levels, for instance, those using aluminum cookware long-term. Accumulation of aluminum in the body is known to promote the development of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.
On the impact of the electromagnetic field
Breaking down all harmful exposure factors modern humans face yields roughly the following picture:

    ε  10% air pollution,

    ε  20% water quality,

    ε  20% lifestyle,

    ε  20% diet,

    ε  30% surrounding electromagnetic field exposure.

Artificial signals suppress natural radiation, including Schumann Resonance (7.83 cycles per second or 7.83 Hz), considered the Earth's vibrational frequency. All life is sensitive to electromagnetic fields. Many animals, including birds and insects, use them for navigation. Bees, for example, navigate using the Earth's magnetic fields. If this mechanism is disrupted, they can no longer find their home and perish.

Electromagnetic field
When evaluating the potential impact of the surrounding electromagnetic field, consider objective factors like electric field tension, magnetic field tension, electrostatic field tension, surface electrostatic potential, and the content of air ions. The electromagnetic field consists of three components: electric (transmitting waves), magnetic, and static. When electric charges flow through a conductor, it creates an electric vortex field around the magnetic induction lines, acting as a subtle effect transmitter to cells.

The high-frequency wave range includes frequencies from 300 MHz to 300 GHz, lying between the radiofrequency and infrared radiation wavelength ranges. Transmitters operating in the high-frequency range above 1 GHz (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) overlay the frequency with low-frequency modulation, meaning information is imposed on the carrier frequency. This modulation, altering the carrier frequency in proportion to its value, shifts it up and down, significantly affecting cells, for instance, disrupting intercellular metabolism due to resonance with cellular structures, thus hindering their function. Cell membrane electropotentials are highly sensitive to electromagnetic field exposure, regardless of the incoming signal's power. Cells become imbalanced even at very low power levels, close to the threshold of zero. Mistakes accumulate, similar to radiation exposure, hence people regularly and extensively working with high-frequency electromagnetic wave emitters gradually develop pathologies seen in nuclear power plant workers. The situation is further complicated by the introduction of 5G internet, which operates in a high-frequency range where radio wave transmission is poor, necessitating numerous transmitters and increasing the likelihood of resonance with cellular structures.

However, the harmful impact of electromagnetic fields can be significantly reduced. Physicists have developed stickers containing a layer of titanium dioxide, which reflects electromagnetic waves. When the energy flow passes through the sticker, it generates a secondary electric vortex field that cancels out the primary electric vortex field. This does not affect connections, only eliminating noise, thereby improving signal quality, a fact known to radio specialists. The transmitter's radiation is not prevented because the action occurs on the transmitter's energy flow, thus dispersing and re-modulating the signals contained in it while removing resonance between the transmitter and human cells. Such stickers are placed on phones and various electronic equipment. There are also special antennas that can significantly neutralize the harmful impact of electromagnetic radiation within several hundred meters.

Many may wonder why there is little discussion about this issue. The answer is simple: compare who is easier to hear, those honest scientists with modest financial resources, who value honor and conscience above all, or the manufacturers of electronic devices who can generously fund pseudoscientific studies and extensive advertising campaigns.

Why Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G, 5G are harmful?
Agreeing that the thermal heating caused by these devices is not a problem is acceptable. It's also agreeable that the frequencies used by these devices do not cause significant harm. The issue arises when these high frequencies are used to transmit information by modulating them.

Problems start when high-frequency vibrations resonate with human body cells. This resonance disrupts cell division and metabolism processes, leading to cell destruction and abnormal division, and affects cell DNA and biochemical processes within. Weakened and damaged cells become a breeding ground for many common health issues, including accelerated aging, weakened reproductive function, cancer, and viruses.

Defenders of this technology criticize information circulating in social media, like "5G causes COVID-19." Of course, 5G does not cause COVID-19 immediately. Human bodies are programmed for health, and it takes a combination of dozens, if not hundreds of factors, to tilt the balance toward disease. The proliferation of Wi-Fi transmitters in apartment buildings exacerbates the situation, and 5G will worsen it further. However, there is a solution. We do not need to reject technological progress but can instead opt for optical connections, which, while less convenient, are healthier.

Unfortunate Trend
Children's bodies are still developing and are more sensitive. Unfortunately, today's children are increasingly showing signs of disconnection between real and virtual life, struggling to understand logical connections outside of their devices, leading to traits associated with autism and psychopathy. Educators report that children are becoming uncontrollable.